Bittle X User Manual 🐢

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Getting Started

Bittle X is an open-source, voice-controlled robot dog. It's a new breed of robotics dog for everyone to learn and play with.

The small but mighty Bittle X has these amazing features:

  • Respond to voice commands, performing over 35 predefined actions such as sit, push-up, and backflip with high-performance, lifelike movements. You can switch between English and Chinese using simple voice commands.

  • Can be programmed with 10 more customized voice commands performing skills you create. The voice command can be any sound, so it's free from languages.

  • Support Petoi Coding Blocks(block-based Scratch-like), C++, and Python.

  • Free C++ and Petoi Coding Blocks(block-based Scratch-like) curriculums.

  • Equipped with BiBoard, a high-performance ESP32 development board supporting additional modules for robotics/AI/IoT applications.

If you have specific questions on β€œwhy” rather than β€œhow”, please post on our forum at or write to

There are some supporting applications and software and FAQ for your reference.

You can support us by shopping at Our social media (Instagram/Twitter/Facebook/GitHub) account is @PetoiCamp. Share your build by tagging #bittle #petoi #opencat so that we can repost it for you!

Last Updated: 06/29/2023

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